Frequently Asked Questions on Franchising with Filtrepreneur Franchise, Inc.

Herewith are some of the Frequently Asked Questions on Food Cart Franchising in the Philippines particularly with Filtrepreneur Franchise, Inc.

What is Franchising?
Franchising is the practice of using another firm's successful business model. For the franchisor, the franchise is an alternative to building 'chain stores' to distribute goods and avoid the need for investments and liability for a chain. The franchisor's success depends on the success of the franchisees. The franchisee is said to have a greater incentive than a direct employee because he or she has a direct stake in the business. source wikipedia - the free encyclopedia

Franchise is a business model wherein the owner of the business (franchiser) gives the independent operator (franchisee) the right to distribute his products, implement his business techniques and use his brand.

( examples are: Mc Donalds, Jollibee, KFC, Andoks, Baliwag, Mang Inasal, Ink Refill, National Bookstore, Ministop, Seven-Eleven, Pinoy Pao )

What is the Status of Food Cart Franchising Business in the Philippines?
Food Cart Franchising business in the Philippines is fast growing and becoming one of the most popular and most effective ways to gain financial freedom and stability. A lot of young Filipino entrepreneurs are getting into this type of business because of its low risk - fast investment returns, profitable and easy to operate business, and is a best investment option for a starting entrepreneur. 

How will you know if a Franchising company is Legal and Legitimate ?
- Must have a Department of Trade and Industry accreditation
- Must have a Sanitation Permit
- Must have a main or processing office.
- Must have its own factory or commissary

How do you know if a Franchising company is stable?
If the business lasts for five (5) years or more, it is strong and stable company - source Department of Trade and Industry

What are the basic requirements for food cart Franchising in the Philippines?
- Letter of Intent
- Application Form
- Site Location Proposal
- Notarized Franchise Contract
- Franchise Seminar ( Franchise Manager should explain all details to the franchisee or client )

What are the benefits in getting food cart franchise?
- Low risk - high return of investments
- Easy to operate, less hassle
- It is a food business, it is a necessity and high in demand
- easy to order or purchase food supplies
- food cart concepts, designs, equipment are already provided
- site location assistance are provided
- food cart operations seminars and training are provided
- insurance are provided

What do you look in a potential Franchisee?
A potential dealer should be willing to invest money, willing to find a good location for the unit, and willing to follow set standards. Potential dealer should pocess an entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to push sales of products.

How can a potential dealer apply for Franchise?
A potential dealer can inquire about the franchise opportunity through Filtrepreneur Franchise, Inc.'s Franchise Consultants via internet, telephone, or personal visit.
The potential dealer should provide the following requirements in order to facilitate the application process:
- Accomplished Application Form (Application Forms can be obtained through our Franchise Consultants)
- Photograph and location map of the proposed site

How much does Franchise Cost? What is included in the Franchise fee?
Table Top Package - P16,888
Silver Cart Package - P26,888
2-in-1 Package - P42,888
3-in-1 Package - P60,000
Special Cart Package - P42,888
Celebrity Cart Package - Jopay Siomai - P50,888 / Joshawarma - P30,888
Kiosk / Mall Cart - P100,000 to P250,000 depends on design and size

The Franchise Fee is inclusive of the cart, signage and equipment. There are no annual franchise fees, no royalty fees and no store opening fees. Also, the franchise includes the license which allow the dealer to operate and use the trademark of franchise. The franchise cart terms is in three (3) years.

When does the dealer have to pay the fee?
Once the dealer's application is approved, the franchisee needs to sign a franchise contract and pay the required franchise fee.

How long does it take to open a franchise shop?
The franchise business development process takes four (4) to five (5) weeks. This activity includes processing of applications, construction of the cart, equipment and materials preparation, and training.

How many units can a single franchisee own?
A single franchisee can own multiple units for as long as they can pay the necessary fees for the said units and observe the standard operation procedures set by the franchisor.

Where can the dealers locate their franchise outlet?
Franchisee can locate the franchise outlet in highly food traffic areas. They can sell in schools, malls, bazaars, and special events. Filtrepreneur Franchise, Inc. will ensure that no same franchise outlet are located within 500 meters radius, this is to ensure that the dealers can fully realize the returns of his investments and not compete with another franchisee.

In cases wherein the unit is located within a building which has a potential for expansion within or around the said location, the dealer is given the right to first refusal to proposals which shall arise in the future.

What kind of training will the franchisee receive?
The franchisee and his manpower will be trained in basic cart operation and product handling by Filtrepreneur Franchise, Inc. personnel.

Who will be responsible in the recruitment and training of personnel?
The franchisee shall source, screen and select the required personnel. Food cart operations requires at least one (1) person per shift.

Filtrepreneur Franchise, Inc. shall conduct certain training programs which the dealer and his personnel must personally attend and successfully completed before they are allowed to operated and manage the unit.

What products will be sold in the Franchise Outlet? At what price would the products be sold?
For the cart operation, all franchise products. Franchisee is not allowed to sell any other food item other than those specified by Filtrepreneur Franchise, Inc.

Filtrepreneur Franchise, Inc. will provide the standard price list of the products indicating the dealer's selling price to the consumers. Filtrepreneur Franchise, Inc. shall peg the prices of such products according to the targetted profitability rates that will provide reasonable returns to the dealer.

How will Filtrepreneur Franchise, Inc. ensure product quality and standard of operations being upheld?
Filtrepreneur Franchise, Inc. will designate employees and agents who shall audit the shop on the basis of Filtrepreneur Franchise, Inc.'s approved standards on service, product quality, cleanliness, equipment maintenance, atmosphere, and other related health and sanitary standards.

Deliveries and Other Frequently Asked Questions
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Table Top Concept Franchise Package

Filtrepreneur Franchise, Inc. has launched various food cart franchises and concepts in which franchisees can choose from, such as, Silver Carts, Special Carts, Celebrity Carts, Mall Carts and Kiosks. These concepts can be easily operated with a low operating costs.

For Table Top Franchise, for only P16,888, the package includes the following:
1 unit Table Top Signage for your chosen brand
1 set basic equipment and utensils
1 set crew uniforms
product samplers

The package also includes the following freebies:
Free: Unlimited Trainings and Seminars on Food Cart Operations

Free: E-loading dealership, your existing SIM will be activated via Load Central - your onestop reloading to all networks, giving you an extra income from e-loading business. Earn from dealership or retailer discounts from e-loading business.

Free: P50,000 worth of accident insurance for a year covered by Sun Life Financial Philippines.

Table Top Franchise Package is only P16,888. No Royalty Fees.

For Silver Cart, Table Top, 2-in-1, 3-in-1 Packages, Franchisees may choose from the following concepts and brands:
Pinoy Pao - Variety of Siopao Fillings and Siomai Flavors
Burgeroo - Buy 1 Take 1 Burgers and various patties and dressings
Jack's Eatabols - Variety of snacks on sticks
O'noodles - Stir Fried Noodles with variety of toppings and sauces
Emperor Siomai - Variety of Siomai FlavorsPatatas Pries - Fried Potatoes, French Fries
Red Bowl - Rice in a Bowl with variety of toppings and sauces